Upper Lid Ptosis Blepharoplasty Workup

Updated: Nov 18, 2021
  • Author: Jorge I de la Torre, MD, FACS; Chief Editor: James Neal Long, MD, FACS  more...
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Laboratory Studies

Laboratory studies should be performed as needed for routine preoperative evaluation. However, a comprehensive evaluation for patients with ptosis of unclear etiology can include clinical examination by a neurologist and ophthalmologist; radiographic evaluation of the brain, orbits, and chest; and blood work.


Other Tests

A thorough evaluation of both functional and aesthetic problems is required prior to ptosis repair surgery. This includes assessment of visual acuity, corneal irritation, and excessive or insufficient tearing. Test for myasthenia gravis using the Tensilon test. Horner syndrome can be tested by stimulation with 10% phenylephrine hydrochloride solution, which corrects the ptosis. Preoperative photographs document the degree of ptosis and asymmetry as well as provide a comparison to evaluate postoperative results.