Pyoderma Vegetans Workup

Updated: Mar 26, 2021
  • Author: Robert A Schwartz, MD, MPH; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
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Laboratory Studies

Pathogenic organisms, such as Staphylococcus aureus, are grown from wound cultures, and cultures should also be taken for fungi and mycobacteria.

Direct and indirect immunofluorescence can aid in differentiating pyoderma vegetans (PV) and pemphigus vegetans. [20, 39]

Hidradenitis suppurativa may cause an immune complex deposition in the skin, which precipitates the PV reaction. This reaction can be seen as a nonspecific immunoreactant deposition with direct immunofluorescence. [20]


Histologic Findings

Two predominant features are found in pyoderma vegetans: pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia and numerous abscesses in both the hyperplastic epidermis and the dermis. The abscesses can be made up of neutrophils or eosinophils.